Week 5: Distractions

I cannot figure out how to write this post. There’s no bullet point list. No huge red flags. Just some nice conversations with some nice men. I mean, there are still the standard “oh, you’re in your 60s and you just sent me your phone number. No thank you!” and “it’s super possible that you’re trying to obtain a green card…”

One of the guys I’m talking to wants to meet. I’m terrified. I mean, this was the plan all along: meet a nice guy and go out with him. But when the theoretical becomes actual…yeah. That’s where I get tripped up and nervous. For no good reason, just because I’m me.

Fingers (and toes!) crossed that this is a productive week. Especially since next week I give control of my online dating accounts to one of my guy friends. I am curious and afraid of what will happen when he’s in charge.


One thought on “Week 5: Distractions

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